Monday, March 12, 2012

Second Week of Training, Fundraising and Women's needs!!!

Wow, Cheryl and Jill, congrats!! Nice walk. It must be fun to walk with each other. I have been doing most of my training alone. It is OK though. I guess for now. This week I stayed focused and did something every day. :)) I realize that it may not happen like that in the coming weeks and while I will keep it as my intention, I will be easy enough on myself to let what happens happen. Boy do I see that drive inside of me to do it right, to do what I am told, to do a good job!! Sometimes that momentum is a blessing, but sometimes it is quite exhausting and it ruins the "ah ha" moments!! So I am trying to do a little of both...the focus and the 'ah-ha".

I ran 4 miles and walked one yesterday!! I was having a bad day, so this was my way to come back to "center". I guess I could have sat and meditated :)), but this felt like I could make a shift. Exercise usually does that for me. And it did, somewhat!! ;)))

Cheryl and I have been talking about women's rights. And how just recently all the talk about denying clinics funding because they may perform abortions or that their organizations perform abortions is happening in our culture. It really is non of my business to make "blanket universal choices" on how one feels about abortion or not as this is such a polarized topic. I honor everyones opinion because we all make this choice based on so many factors that I could not begin to understand them all. I try to look to choices I make in my heart and yet I know I too am influenced by what I believe, where I live, how I feel my experiences. But to deny women blanket healthcare (mammography, cervical screening, contraception) is an atrocity and it seems like we are going back in time 40 years. It infuriates me!! And yet I find this to be a gift to wake me up!!

It is interesting that all that is in the news about this "women's health care rights " issue is happening at this time when I am so focused and committed to participating in a huge event for women, the Breast Cancer walk!! I know this is not coincidental, it is my heart calling me towards other hearts and waking us up to be aware!! Maybe I have been too quiet, too uninvolved, too "oh that is happening to them", and have a mentality like it is out there. But my heart has woken up. I am committed to do whatever I can to change our world and maybe it is in the area of women's rights, women's access to healthcare, job security and what women offer to the workplace. I am blessed to be able to have access to health care, but what about all women? Do they not have a right to healthcare just like any other person? And I have worked in corporate America and have been discriminated against because I was "too emotional and too much like a girl". Well I am a girl, and maybe the emotional part of me is where lies compassion, passion, kindness, empathy, understanding, creativity,energy, love, Is this not important to business or to make a difference in the world. What about qualities that are rewarded, the ones that feel more masculine, like drive, competition, ruthlessness, confidence, indifference/unattached, bold,....Have we not evolved to realize that the whole is necessary!! All the pieces parts are needed. So why do some people still want to create a backwards society and deny women their rights, their gifts, who they are. Why can we not embrace the whole!! I don't get this. So as I train today I will set out an intention for women everywhere; that we are seen, that we are healed, that we come together as one voice; to end Breast Cancer, to end suffering and discrimination, to end separation and to know that we are all here for each other!!

I apologize for all this energy this morning, but I am passionate about this topic. Let us ALL live together (women and men of all cultures, political differences, creeds, belief systems) and be nice to each other!!

OK off to my recovery walk!! And gratitude for the funds that are continuing to come in. Thank you thank you thank you!!


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