Saturday, March 10, 2012

Okay.... just a little sore:-)

Today was another beautiful day. First, I mapped out yesterday's walk (as best I could, with the getting lost and all!) and it was almost 7 miles! We had a really busy day today, so I knew the only time I could walk was this morning. So, I dragged Mike out of the house and off we went! We chose a VERY hilly route and walked about 3.5 miles. My toes hurt a bit, as expected, but I didn't expect my quads to be so tight! I did some yoga stretches last night, hoping to stretch everything out, but my quads are still a bit sore.

Tomorrow it's supposed to rain, so I think I'll take a walking break. I am playing tennis at noon, so that will be my training for the day. After tennis I am going to visit Gary Gribble!!! (Judy, that is the running/ walking shoe store around here!)

Judy, I know what you mean about the whole asking for money thing, and how it causes you to reflect upon your own behavior. Just another way this experience will make us all more compassionate, I think?

Yesterday, I helped Jill get started sending out her emails. We tried to sign her into the blog so she could post, but for some reason, it wouldn't let her delete Jay's email address and enter mine. She is going to work on this.

I don't think I fully realized how much time this would take, either. Sometimes I wish I had signed up sooner, but most of the time I am glad that this schedule will only be for a few months. The walking takes a long time, like HOURS! I need to do a better job of planning my meals, so I'm not going into a walk, or coming out of one, super hungry. Lots to think about!

Okay, now I'm off to work on the flier for our fundraiser!
Send me good, creative wishes!

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