Thursday, March 15, 2012

Moving along!!!

Great job Jill and Cheryl!!! Wow 7 miles!! Today I finally walked with someone. Yea!! My friend Stella and I walked in the rain at that...We went 5.5 miles with an elevation of 3000 feet. We decided to walk up hill because I will be walking in San Francisco. I was shocked to find out it was only 5.5 miles as it felt much longer, but the elevation was a great workout for the glutes!!

And I finally got another donation! Yea to that!! Thank you to my dear friend in Atlanta... I was getting concerned. I was telling Cheryl that sometimes I feel invisible. I have sent out so many emails with personal notes and I have only heard back from a few people. Are people not getting my email, are they offended by my request, are they too busy, are they really avoiding me, do they not believe in fighting breast cancer, do they already give to other organizations ( I would understand that!) , did my email go to cyberspace, go to spam/junk folder, and on and on. This mind can come up with so many questions...not sure what the reason is. But it does feel strange and puzzling that SO many people have not responded,. I do have a couple of friends who said they would donate and I totally believe that!! And I am so grateful for their response. It feels like to them I am not invisible!! That is good! Thank you to these friends!! But what about all the others? What happened? And do I send a "reminder"? I have no idea. But at least I got another donation today.:))) So I feel like the energy is moving. But still what has happened to those 50 other people. I am not talking about acquaintances here. Most of these people I consider my friends and so I am confused, puzzled. I decided to even send out emails to my financial planner, my attorney, my doctor to see how they would respond...Now I can understand if these people don't respond after all I really don't know them "personally", but the ones I do know personally, what is up with them? The mystery remains. Maybe in time I will figure it out or maybe I will never figure it out and I need to be OK with that!!

Ok I will keep moving along!! The truth is whether the people who have not responded ever respond, I love the training. I love the cause. I love that I said yes to participate, I love that I am able to participate,I love that I am walking with Cheryl and Jill and all these other people and I love that some of my friends are saying yes to supporting me financially!! And I love that Michael is cheering me on..telling me not to worry that I will make my financial goal and that I can do it. And I know that in the end and throughout this journey that this experience will probably be life changing!!

So thank you Life!!!


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