Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Almost Blown Away on Day 2!

I started out the day playing tennis with Anita. We got beaten. Badly. Somehow, it didn't really matter. I came home and changed my shoes and went out for my walk. In retrospect, it might be a good idea to take a little rest between tennis and walking. I thought 3 miles would be a piece of cake... I do that all the time, right? So, I focused on being BRISK.

The wind seriously almost blew me over. It was SO HARD to walk into the wind! I kept thinking about some sort of metaphor between fighting breast cancer and fighting the wind. Not sure if I ever really found one:-)

I kept forgetting about being brisk and had to remind myself to pick up the pace! And... I got tired. I did! I'm supposing it was walking right after an hour and a half of tennis? Next week, I will take a little break.

My pace wasn't very fast; I need to work on that. It's sort of lonely, walking alone... I will definitely need some company on the longer walks. Hope Mike is up for it, if Jill is busy:-)

My feet kind of hurt. Again, not sure if it's because of the tennis, or if I just need different shoes. I'm getting new shoes! I'm also browsing those sports watches!

I went to a lecture tonight about gluten. Gosh, I feel like NOBODY needs to be eating wheat. Must remember to plan GF foods for my walk.

Love you guys!!

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