Monday, March 12, 2012

New Shoes Have Made a New ME!

I spent an hour at Gary Gribble yesterday, trying on shoes. They are so awesome there. They watched me walk, listened to my whining and complaining, measured my feet, and brought out SHOES. They even brought out mostly pink shoes, because I told them about our walk! In the end, I chose some Brooks Ghost 4s. My heart wanted the New Balance shoes that have the little pink Hawaiian flowers on them, but my head (and feet!) prevailed and I think I made a good choice. I had a tennis lesson today and then walked 4 miles and had no foot pain at all. Life is good.

Fundraising is SLOW. I am just over $500. I need to get another $100 in the next week to meet my personal goal. Lots of promises; just waiting for people to follow through. I'm also working hard on our fundraising party. Please, oh please, let people come and spend money!!!!!!!! This is really hard.

Ju, like you, I find myself becoming more and more passionate about women's issues. I also question WHY women feel the way they do, and WHY women's rights are always up for negotiation? WHY do people feel they have to right to give or take away rights for some women? It's so frustrating. I feel like I'm just skimming the surface of what I can do to help.

I have to get some sleep. Lots of tennis tomorrow, and then a long walk on Wednesday. This is a huge commitment that is bringing lots of awareness to so many parts of my life.

(fingers crossed for donations!!!!!!!!)
Good night, ladies!
Love, love-

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