Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 3-Cross Training and my first DONATION

Well I must say my cross training day did not feel like training at all. My regular yoga teacher was out helping with the delivery of a baby. She is a Doula. And I just love her. She gives a very good class and when you are done, you know that you id something. The sub was so slow and all the poses were so boring and EASY!! And I watched myself want to leave, watched myself not be in a yoga place at all as I was getting angry, and wondering if I should have come at all because after all this is supposed to be TRAINING!! But then it hit me, where was my patience, where was my compassion, where was how I would want anyone to treat me had I walked into a yoga class with 40 people who LOVE their instructor. And then I just rested and smiled! Because I want the same type of patience, compassion, and the treatment for myself!! Especially with myself as I send out my fund raising letters and had not gotten a donation at all!! This is not that easy. I worked so hard to craft personal letters to close friends and family and NOTHING!!!

And then it happened, my first donation...Yippeee...$ 100.00 from a friend of mine. I could have kissed her!! She gave me confidence, she showed me that patience does pay off. So now I hope that is the first of many more. I have more letters to send out, but I wanted to do the ones that I thought were know close friends and family!! But maybe the others will be more productive than the "easy ones".

OK until tomorrow!!


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