Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Judy's Day One

OK so I am just learning how to use a blog!!! I posted this in comments, but now know to where to actually "post". So here you have it...as a post and as a comment.

Day One: Yes, today is the first OFFICIAL day of our training. I am so excited and really grateful that we can do this!! When I first read about this walk in my Yoga Journal, I immediately knew it was a "YES". I have always believed in the work that is being done by so many organizations to support the fight against Breast Cancer. But it always seemed out there, support and work being done by them, with or without me. But this walk was an opportunity to participate, to bind and connect with women of all ages, all walks of life and all cultures, creeds, and belief systems. This was an opportunity to UNITE and walk as one team, one heart, with one purpose..to be together, to show support and to raise money for this heart breaking disease! We CAN make a difference.

I lost a dear friend who was 37 years old to breast cancer. She left behind 3 small children, a wonderful husband, and dear friends and family. But being with her and watching her on this journey to battle breast cancer, she inspired me with the pure grace and courage that she exhibited in her battle. So I do this for Donna and for all persons battling this disease.

So here I was today, doing my first 15 minute recovery walk. I did it at the YMCA on the tread mill because the weather was a bit unpredictable today. But regardless of where I did it, I embraced my partners...Cheryl and Jill and knew that we were all getting ready to embark on something huge, something grand, something that would change our lives and hopefully by our efforts change others! So for every person who is affected by breast cancer in some way, we do this for YOU!!

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