Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 4, 5, and 6 and donations!!!

Well have not written in a few days. Just toooooo busy!! I find it is alot of work to do this fund raising and the training. I feel I should send a personal note on each of my letters, because sending the letters brings all these people into my awareness and I realize that I have not checked in recently. So this fundraising is an opportunity, a gift for me to say "hello" and connect with those people who are friends, but don't see them often. So yet another gift!! And yea....I got some donations. I sent out so many letters and still will send more out. What I have observed as there are those people who give an instant "yes" and then there are those who I am not even sure they got my invitation to donate. Sometimes I wish I could at least get a "yes, will do this later" or a no thank you. At least I will know that my letter reached them. And yet another opportunity for me to see, do I do the same thing? When someone sends me an email with a request or just an email to say "hello", do I brush it off? hummmmm Maybe sometimes I need to just say ...busy, but I know you sent me something, will get back to you? I asked a friend about this and she said that I usually do that, but now I will be more vigilant. Does the email actually require a response? OR is it just information? I will be more aware...but anyway, the people who have said yes...I say "thank you thank you thank you"...and to those who will donate, please do soon.......I always do the gratitude dance when I get a donation!! It is so much fun!!

OK training!! The days have been gorgeous here so I have been walking and running outside!! So beautiful!! I think in the last few days, I have run 5 miles and walked over 5, rode the bike, did yoga and this and that. So I think I am on target for training!!

Loving this process..the entire part of it, the connections with Cheryl and Jill, the connections with my friends when I tell them what I am up to for the Breast WAlk, the gratitude dances!!, the training ,the beautiful weather ,and the heart opening experiences I am having when I think about how lucky I am to do this!!

Until next time, in peace and love,

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