Friday, March 9, 2012

Beautiful walk!

Today was glorious and nearly perfect! After a sort of stressful morning of work, I met Jill at a park and we started walking. Walking with someone is so much more fun than walking alone! In our typical fashion, we got talking and... got sort of lost! Not too lost, just a few wrong turns, a few backtracks, a few... "where are we? what road is that?" But, we laughed and kept walking and ended up back at our cars after walking for 1 hour and 45 minutes. We figured 6 to 7 miles! Felt so good.

Can't wait to get some walking shoes. I think my running shoes just aren't right for walking. I found a couple of pedometers in the house, but they measure number of steps, not miles. Need a good pedometer, too.

Judy: I'm sorry your yoga class wasn't all you'd hoped. Whenever I travel, I always take a beginner yoga class. This reminds me to slow down, gives me time to explore the poses a little bit. What if I bend a little more here or there? What if I add a twist? I try to really stay in my body, and listen. It reminds me that yoga isn't about "no pain, no gain." I know it's hard when you are expecting one thing and get another. I just try to take the opportunity to slow down:-))

I did get a $100 donation yesterday, which was awesome, but I'm a little impatient. Several people have told me that they are going to donate, so now I think it's time for the reminder emails. Feels weird, but I'm trying to think about what to say.

I feel really excited and overwhelmed about planning our wine fundraiser. I am so, so grateful that Anita is helping. She is very focused and dedicated and she is asking HER friends to help, too. Amazing. I have decided that I am also going to make my next yoga session a fundraiser. I will donate all the money I make. I hope my students will throw in a little bit extra!

This has really changed my outlook on things. I don't think I'll ignore requests from my friends so easily in the future, now that I know what it feels like to ask people for money! Really, they are ALL for good causes, for helping to find cures for diseases that touch all of us.

Mike is going to walk with me this weekend. He just doesn't know it yet!!

Love you guys!

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