Saturday, March 31, 2012

Back again!!!

Congratulations to Jill!!! Way to go. I did not even think of asking businesses. But good idea!! I am $ 20.00 short of my goal that I wanted to have for this week. Hopefully that will come soooooooonnn!! But I am 65% this feels better. Still want to be complete with my initial $ 1800.00 goal by my birthday, April 15!! I am sending out reminders today. I have been so busy trying to get the walks in amidst the wind and rain. I know I should still walk in these conditions, but I have walked in the snow and the rain/wind a couple of times and it is NO FUN!! On top of that it is cold!! So I may need to go back to the gym and get on the tread mill. I think that how boring it would be to walk 10 miles on a TREADMILL!! So far this week I have only done 2 walks of 5.5 to 6 miles each and ran 4 miles and then walked 2 and 3 miles here and there. I missed my yoga class today. I was just too tired. This is a LOT OF WORK!!! Between trying to write to everyone and call people and reminders and training, everything else is getting way behind. So I have to split my time.

I know we can do this. We can walk and we will raise the money!! But I feel like sometimes I need a break. ....Especially since my legs have been cramping. Maybe I need some type of supplement or nutrition. And even though I am exercising and walking/running my butt off, I still do not loose weight. Not that I need to, but I think something is wrong. I keep thinking my thyroid is off, but my doc keeps saying you are so thin... don't worry about it!! But what about the other you not address thyroid symptoms in thin people!! I am so frustrated with our healthcare system. It is SO BROKEN!!! And I am really loosing faith in the docs who have just "one way" of looking at things. What about how people feel? What about our own knowing? Regardless of what the "guidelines" say. And then on top of that take the idiots who are in government and those who are wanna be's !! Are they not pathetic? They want to continue to break the system with their political views and religious the denying medical coverage to women by not funding Planned Parenthood, denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, or increasing rates to people living in the wrong place or those getting older. I am so sick of it all!! Can someone not stand up to these morons...Where do we, the people (all the people), have a say!! I feel so helpless and the system seems so hopeless!! ARRRRRRRRRRR

OK how did I get off on that!! Sorry..back to what we are doing!! I feel at least like we are doing something...something to make sure that people with this disease get noticed. Something that is not politically or morally driven. Just pure kindness and pure feel good!! That is what I like about this. The excitement I feel when I get a donation. The energy I feel when I just walked a distance toward getting me prepared to participate in this awesome event!! I feel good about these things. So this will be my main focus!! Although I still will send out intentions for people in those government positions and people who are making these crazy decisions to GET IT and CARE about something other than your point of view or self interest. And yes, I do need some type of supplement or something for the leg cramps. Also I have new shoes, but I think I need some type of support because my ankles hurt. Does anyone else have that?

OK gotta go send out my reminders and get some more email addresses and write the letters to those who I have no email address and go for my walk...or do something because the weather is getting worse! Oh how I wish that Spring would come!!

In peace and love,

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