Monday, March 19, 2012

RAIN. Lots of it.

Like, flooding material. Sigh.

Oh, well. Today we got some exciting news about our walk: a little bit of info about the route! I'm so excited that we will be walking through North Beach (my old neighborhood) and Pacific Heights (old stomping grounds), across the GG Bridge, and then right through Marin county, my other old neighborhood! What a perfect walk. I'm also thinking that it might be good to have a couple of fewer miles on day one and a couple more on day two. Especially because I think the rain will slow down the training, just a bit. If I were at the 20 mile mark, I would probably walk in the rain, but at the 7-8 mile walk, I feel like I'm okay, for a while.

Ju, I know you. Don't get all worked up about this. People will donate in their own time, or they won't, and it's all good. It's not for or against you personally, it's about whether or not something is speaking to them personally. We will all make our goal, and we will help each other out. Please, let it go. That's not what this is all about.

On another note, my friend Anita, who is hosting the wine party for me, flew to Atlanta today to babysit her grandkids while her daughter and son-in-law go to Hawaii for their much delayed honeymoon. Anita took her friend with her, who is battling cancer for the 4th time. Her friend started swelling up on the plane and now they are in the hospital, possibly with a blood clot. So, please, keep Anita and her friend in your thoughts and in your heart.

This isn't really about us at all, and it's not about whether or not someone chooses to sponsor us. It's about the people who are fighting this battle.

Feeling much love and gratitude tonight-

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