Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gratitude is the message of the day!!

Well I must say thank you, Cheryl!! YOu are SO right about bringing me back to what this walk is all about. Yes, we have to raise the money to walk, but I KNOW we will do this. I just sometimes approach my life, my goals, my commitments as if I were still back in Corporate America. Perform, perform, perform!!! But this walk (and so much of life in general) is really about the journey. And What a journey this has been thus far. I have heard so many heart breaking stories of people who have lost their fight to Breast Cancer. I am so sorry for your loss. And I have heard uplifting stories about those who have survived Breast Cancer. So happy for these individuals and I send you my blessings for continued good health!

But had I not chosen to do this walk , I may never have had this connection with so many people and heard stories of how this disease has affected so many. I have become informed, I have become aware, I have become changed by making these connections through my commitment to this walk. I have gratitude for these connections!! So Now I not only walk for Donna, but for so many more people. I walk for ALL of them!! And the gratitude I have had to honor is that of "my good health"!! I just go out there and I walk. I walk, I run, I follow my training...But really would it not be for my heart, my lungs, my legs, my knees, my ankles, and TIME, I may not be able to do this walk. So often we just accept that our health will just "be there"!!! And after hearing the many stories, hearing about Anita's friend and my mom's cousin, Kathy, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer that is all over her body, I have come to realize that "being healthy" is the greatest gift!! REALLY the greatest gift!!

So I send my prayers to Anita's friend, to my mom's cousin, Kathy, and to my partners in this walk, Jill and Cheryl!! Let us all enjoy this journey and remember why we walk. Thank you my friend, Cheryl. You put me back in my place!! I will relax and rest about the fund raising...and get my butt out on the road to walk today!!

It is really cold and wet here. I don't mind walking in the snow or the rain, but to walk in the wind and the dampness ,this is not my thing. And I am up to walking the entire 26.3 miles the first day if we can, but I agree it will depend on the weather at the time and yes, how I feel!!!

In deepest gratitude,

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