Saturday, March 31, 2012

Back again!!!

Congratulations to Jill!!! Way to go. I did not even think of asking businesses. But good idea!! I am $ 20.00 short of my goal that I wanted to have for this week. Hopefully that will come soooooooonnn!! But I am 65% this feels better. Still want to be complete with my initial $ 1800.00 goal by my birthday, April 15!! I am sending out reminders today. I have been so busy trying to get the walks in amidst the wind and rain. I know I should still walk in these conditions, but I have walked in the snow and the rain/wind a couple of times and it is NO FUN!! On top of that it is cold!! So I may need to go back to the gym and get on the tread mill. I think that how boring it would be to walk 10 miles on a TREADMILL!! So far this week I have only done 2 walks of 5.5 to 6 miles each and ran 4 miles and then walked 2 and 3 miles here and there. I missed my yoga class today. I was just too tired. This is a LOT OF WORK!!! Between trying to write to everyone and call people and reminders and training, everything else is getting way behind. So I have to split my time.

I know we can do this. We can walk and we will raise the money!! But I feel like sometimes I need a break. ....Especially since my legs have been cramping. Maybe I need some type of supplement or nutrition. And even though I am exercising and walking/running my butt off, I still do not loose weight. Not that I need to, but I think something is wrong. I keep thinking my thyroid is off, but my doc keeps saying you are so thin... don't worry about it!! But what about the other you not address thyroid symptoms in thin people!! I am so frustrated with our healthcare system. It is SO BROKEN!!! And I am really loosing faith in the docs who have just "one way" of looking at things. What about how people feel? What about our own knowing? Regardless of what the "guidelines" say. And then on top of that take the idiots who are in government and those who are wanna be's !! Are they not pathetic? They want to continue to break the system with their political views and religious the denying medical coverage to women by not funding Planned Parenthood, denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, or increasing rates to people living in the wrong place or those getting older. I am so sick of it all!! Can someone not stand up to these morons...Where do we, the people (all the people), have a say!! I feel so helpless and the system seems so hopeless!! ARRRRRRRRRRR

OK how did I get off on that!! Sorry..back to what we are doing!! I feel at least like we are doing something...something to make sure that people with this disease get noticed. Something that is not politically or morally driven. Just pure kindness and pure feel good!! That is what I like about this. The excitement I feel when I get a donation. The energy I feel when I just walked a distance toward getting me prepared to participate in this awesome event!! I feel good about these things. So this will be my main focus!! Although I still will send out intentions for people in those government positions and people who are making these crazy decisions to GET IT and CARE about something other than your point of view or self interest. And yes, I do need some type of supplement or something for the leg cramps. Also I have new shoes, but I think I need some type of support because my ankles hurt. Does anyone else have that?

OK gotta go send out my reminders and get some more email addresses and write the letters to those who I have no email address and go for my walk...or do something because the weather is getting worse! Oh how I wish that Spring would come!!

In peace and love,

Reminder time!

It is definitely time for the reminder letters!! I think I will send mine out this week, along with an invitation to the fundraiser wine party. I am a little over halfway there, but no recent activity. I hope the reminders, the party, and the proceeds from my yoga class will get me to $1800!

Very exciting news for Jill: she got a $500 donation from her hair salon! Way to go!

As for training, I need a long walk. I played tennis twice on Tuesday, then nothing on Wednesday, because I worked the booth at a medical manager's association meeting. On my feet, in heels, for 11 hours! That should count for something!! Walked 5 miles by myself on Thursday. Yesterday (Friday), I walked 6 miles with my friend Laurie. She had some time restraints, so we really picked up the pace and walked it in 1 hour and 28 minutes. This is a best time for me, and I felt it today: sore! Jill is out of town this weekend so I am on my own. We are just totally busy today. I am playing tennis at noon tomorrow. Tomorrow is supposed to be HOT and HUMID. I guess I'll try to get up early and walk. Try. It's hard to get motivated to walk alone, especially for more than 5 miles or so!

If not, I will have to walk a LOT next week!!
Staying positive!
Love, love, love-

Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm Back!!

Hey, Ju!!

Didn't mean to abandon you! Kaitlin was home for spring break last week, and it was so rainy, we decided to go to St. Louis for a few days! It was so much fun. We did all the touristy things and laughed and ate and had a blast. Now that the kids are older, I truly treasure the times we can all be together and enjoy ourselves. I know, more and more, the kids will start to live their own lives, so this little trip was so special.

I'm so sorry to hear about Kathy. I know it sounds condescending, and I don't mean it that way, but to look on the bright side, she didn't suffer for long. I will keep her in my prayers and in my heart.

As for training... I was sort of slack last week, because I am too wimpy to walk in the rain. (it was SERIOUS rain:-) But, we did walk a lot in St. Louis... does that count? Probably not. Well, did 4 miles on Saturday with Kaitlin. Then Jill and I met up on Sunday and walked 9.5 miles, our longest walk yet. I was really exhausted. it was very warm and very sunny. I didn't have enough water, for sure. At the end, I just kept jabbering away to Jill to keep my mind off of how tired I was and how tired my legs were and how much my feet wanted a rest! Then I went home and ATE!! I was so hungry!

So, this made me really think about walking this distance almost 3 times over at one time! I'm just hoping that, with consistent training, I'll make it. I took today off!

As for fundraising, I am a little over halfway there! I am planning the fundraising party for April 20. I think I will send out my reminder emails about 2 weeks before, along with an invitation to the party. People have been really generous with donations for the raffle. I hope this will put me over the top!

Jill is doing pretty well with her fundraising. She is working way more than she wants to and is so short on time. She is working this week Mon. through Thurs., and then she leaves on Friday morning to visit her daughter at college for Parents' Weekend. She's concerned about missing training.

Ju, I am so so so sorry you are mostly walking alone! That must be really hard. I don't know how you are doing it! If you can get a cheap flight, you should come out here the week before the walk so we can do some 20 milers together! I am begging a friend of mine who is a runner to walk a long walk with me this week!

So, now we are all caught up! I, too, am trying to keep focused on WHY I am in this: TO END IT!!! It will all work out.

Love, love to you!!

Week 3 and where are you all?

Well it is week 3. We have been having lots of wind, rain, snow etc. So I did not get to walk on Saturday and walked in rain on Sunday. And in the wind today. Figured it might be good practice. I still have not gone more than 10 miles in one walk. And that seems so LONG when you are walking alone. I think I have to stop going up the hills because you use a whole lot of energy and yet the miles seem like they take FOREVER to calculate!!! Got a pedometer!! Don't know how to use it except that one day I went 15,000 steps and another day 10,000 steps. How do you convert the steps into miles??

I miss you all, my partners. Where are you? I have not seen a blog entry since last week. How is everything going? I am still sad about Kathy's passing, but know at least she is at peace. This disease causes so much suffering!!

Well today I am going to send out a reminder fund raising letter. I saw a couple of people that said they "just forgot", so hopefully a reminder will help them along. I really want to have all my money raised by my birthday, April 15!! But not sure this will happen, but that is my goal. Then I can just focus on training and not the fundraising goal. No matter how much I try to not worry about it, I still find myself being concerned. What if I don't make it? What if I offended someone? What are people thinking? How is everyone else doing? Anyway I will send out the letter and see how it goes.

OK gotta go start cooking.

Love you all,

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In Honor of Kathy....

Today is a sad day. My cousin Kathy died today. It was my mom's first cousin and of all the cousins, this one was really cool!! I loved her. She came to visit us in Atlanta and was so happy and fun and just plain cool!! Kathy was just diagnosed with cancer about 2 weeks ago. She never came home from the hospital and I don't know the source of the cancer except that it infiltrated and poisoned her entire body. Liver, lungs, bones....Last night I had the most unusual dreams. Kathy kept coming to me and I felt her. At one point in my dreams I felt as if I had the cancer and I was dying. It was strange as it kept going back and forth...Kathy and then me.. i have no explanation for this, but I am happy to have spent some time with her (even if it was in my dreams)...i saw my Uncle Bill, her father, come to get her. All of this happened in my dreams yet it felt so real. I even told Michael about it this morning. I had no idea that she would die today. I don't think anyone expected it to be this soon or even if it would happen at all. My mom saw her last week and she told my mom that she would "beat this". She was going to fight. But I guess it was not up to her. Her journey was this way and not through fighting or battling this cancer, but surrendering and letting go! Kathy has 2 daughters and 2 grand children and her husband. My heart breaks for all of them and I send my prayers and my blessings to them. So now I will walk for Kathy as well as Donna!! I am so sorry. I will miss you!!

Not much else to say today. Except that nothing is for certain and everything is a mystery. I embrace the mystery of this life. I embrace the mystery of this walk...and all the connections and people I come to know better along the way!!

In memory of Kathy, when I think of you, I just had that way about you to make so many smile!!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gratitude is the message of the day!!

Well I must say thank you, Cheryl!! YOu are SO right about bringing me back to what this walk is all about. Yes, we have to raise the money to walk, but I KNOW we will do this. I just sometimes approach my life, my goals, my commitments as if I were still back in Corporate America. Perform, perform, perform!!! But this walk (and so much of life in general) is really about the journey. And What a journey this has been thus far. I have heard so many heart breaking stories of people who have lost their fight to Breast Cancer. I am so sorry for your loss. And I have heard uplifting stories about those who have survived Breast Cancer. So happy for these individuals and I send you my blessings for continued good health!

But had I not chosen to do this walk , I may never have had this connection with so many people and heard stories of how this disease has affected so many. I have become informed, I have become aware, I have become changed by making these connections through my commitment to this walk. I have gratitude for these connections!! So Now I not only walk for Donna, but for so many more people. I walk for ALL of them!! And the gratitude I have had to honor is that of "my good health"!! I just go out there and I walk. I walk, I run, I follow my training...But really would it not be for my heart, my lungs, my legs, my knees, my ankles, and TIME, I may not be able to do this walk. So often we just accept that our health will just "be there"!!! And after hearing the many stories, hearing about Anita's friend and my mom's cousin, Kathy, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer that is all over her body, I have come to realize that "being healthy" is the greatest gift!! REALLY the greatest gift!!

So I send my prayers to Anita's friend, to my mom's cousin, Kathy, and to my partners in this walk, Jill and Cheryl!! Let us all enjoy this journey and remember why we walk. Thank you my friend, Cheryl. You put me back in my place!! I will relax and rest about the fund raising...and get my butt out on the road to walk today!!

It is really cold and wet here. I don't mind walking in the snow or the rain, but to walk in the wind and the dampness ,this is not my thing. And I am up to walking the entire 26.3 miles the first day if we can, but I agree it will depend on the weather at the time and yes, how I feel!!!

In deepest gratitude,

Monday, March 19, 2012

RAIN. Lots of it.

Like, flooding material. Sigh.

Oh, well. Today we got some exciting news about our walk: a little bit of info about the route! I'm so excited that we will be walking through North Beach (my old neighborhood) and Pacific Heights (old stomping grounds), across the GG Bridge, and then right through Marin county, my other old neighborhood! What a perfect walk. I'm also thinking that it might be good to have a couple of fewer miles on day one and a couple more on day two. Especially because I think the rain will slow down the training, just a bit. If I were at the 20 mile mark, I would probably walk in the rain, but at the 7-8 mile walk, I feel like I'm okay, for a while.

Ju, I know you. Don't get all worked up about this. People will donate in their own time, or they won't, and it's all good. It's not for or against you personally, it's about whether or not something is speaking to them personally. We will all make our goal, and we will help each other out. Please, let it go. That's not what this is all about.

On another note, my friend Anita, who is hosting the wine party for me, flew to Atlanta today to babysit her grandkids while her daughter and son-in-law go to Hawaii for their much delayed honeymoon. Anita took her friend with her, who is battling cancer for the 4th time. Her friend started swelling up on the plane and now they are in the hospital, possibly with a blood clot. So, please, keep Anita and her friend in your thoughts and in your heart.

This isn't really about us at all, and it's not about whether or not someone chooses to sponsor us. It's about the people who are fighting this battle.

Feeling much love and gratitude tonight-

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Feeling Down today, Snowing and another lesson!!!

Great job, Jill, Jay, Cheryl, and Mike for walking today!! I wish I would have someone to walk with. Although my friend, Stella, offered to walk when she is off. She is a nurse and works the night shift, so it is tough to find a day when we can get together. And now my neighbor Sunny, offered to walk with me. But today I was felling down and sad, so I walked alone IN THE SNOW!!! It was snowing so hard and it was wet, but I needed to be outside. I walked almost 7 miles and yesterday 8 miles. It felt good. Although yesterday my ankle hurt. I think it was all the climbing I did. Most of the walk Saturday was up hill and then of course down hill, but lots of ups!! I think I will have to start rotating my walks/walk-runs to hill climbs and then flat surfaces with small hills:))

I was feeling down and sad today. I have not heard from so many people I sent my email to and wondered if I was invisible!! So I was whining about that and then I got a response from someone and the response was from a "friend", BUT it hurt my feelings!! And it made me sad. Here is her response:
"Thank you for supporting breast cancer research; thank you for doing this walking; thank you for showing others how to reach out in fund raising.  Yes, this is a good letter!

That said, I will say that there are times when you'll still hear "no".  And I would be one of them at present." felt so yuk!! That is all I can say. So now I ask which is better this type of response or no response at all!! For some reason, this hurt my feelings. Maybe I am just too sensitive. I guess people say "no" all the time, but the explanation was so strange. Can you just say...good job Judy, but I have to say no at this time. I wish you the best success!! Or donate $ 5.00!! Anything, but this. I guess we all feel super sensitive at times and maybe on another day, this would be fine. But for me, it hurt!! So I was feeling down and decided to walk in the snow. Even though I liked Cheryls, paint my toenails, read, relax!! I tried all of these, but I still felt out of sorts, so the walk I did!!

And then this evening, one of my guy friends donated $ 100.00!!! Can you believe it? So sweet..He must have felt me!! So so generous...really generous. Thank you!! And then one of my neighbors told me she would donate. Her twin sister is a Breast Cancer Survivor. Gratitude for that!!

I still did my little "gratitude dance" for my friends generous donation. And it made me feel better. So maybe I should just do the gratitude dance every day and continue to celebrate all the generous donations I have received thus far. And I guess all my "feeling down" was useless and just a waste of time and a waste of the suffering I did. I know so much about myself in this arena , but still don't know how to be with it. I take SO MUCH PERSONALLY!! No matter how many times I hear Michael tell me not to take things so personally, I continue to do it. Will I ever learn this lesson?

I know something else too!! That if I focus on gratitude for all I have, all I have received, and everything that is in my life...including the time I have to be able to focus on this inspiring walk, than I have no problems and no room for feeling down...So why do I forget this in the moments when I receive the email that I received from my request to support me. Where does my gratitude go? hummm

Anyway tomorrow is another day to practice what I learned today!! Please oh please let me not forget!!

Good night..

And in deepest gratitude,

Happy Sunday!

After our 7 mile walk on Wednesday, I walked about 3 miles with Mike on Thursday night, then 4 miles by myself on Friday. By Friday night I was SO exhausted, I knew I needed a day off. So I did NOTHING yesterday, and it felt great! Mike and I are meeting Jill and Jay this morning for a walk, maybe 4 or 5 miles. I'm ready for it!

I have to brag about my friend Anita. She has offered to host a fundraising party and she is just so awesome. She is asking everyone for donations for the raffle, buying wine glasses, really going above and beyond. I am so grateful for all of her help and energy and enthusiasm. Thank you, Anita!!

My donations have slowed down, too, but Judy, we really can't take it personally. Maybe send out a reminder letter, and then a last minute plea, and then... let it go. Michael is right; you WILL make your goal. We can't know everything that's going on in people's lives. People are busy, people have lots of obligations, people forget! I am trying to ask, and then let go of all expectations. I know more people will donate, in their own time.

I am wondering how long it takes for checks to post? I had a couple of people send me checks, which I mailed in with a coupon, but they haven't shown up on my total yet. I guess I'll wait a few more days before emailing Sasha about that. She's probably sick of hearing from me:-)))

Have a glorious Sunday-

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Moving along!!!

Great job Jill and Cheryl!!! Wow 7 miles!! Today I finally walked with someone. Yea!! My friend Stella and I walked in the rain at that...We went 5.5 miles with an elevation of 3000 feet. We decided to walk up hill because I will be walking in San Francisco. I was shocked to find out it was only 5.5 miles as it felt much longer, but the elevation was a great workout for the glutes!!

And I finally got another donation! Yea to that!! Thank you to my dear friend in Atlanta... I was getting concerned. I was telling Cheryl that sometimes I feel invisible. I have sent out so many emails with personal notes and I have only heard back from a few people. Are people not getting my email, are they offended by my request, are they too busy, are they really avoiding me, do they not believe in fighting breast cancer, do they already give to other organizations ( I would understand that!) , did my email go to cyberspace, go to spam/junk folder, and on and on. This mind can come up with so many questions...not sure what the reason is. But it does feel strange and puzzling that SO many people have not responded,. I do have a couple of friends who said they would donate and I totally believe that!! And I am so grateful for their response. It feels like to them I am not invisible!! That is good! Thank you to these friends!! But what about all the others? What happened? And do I send a "reminder"? I have no idea. But at least I got another donation today.:))) So I feel like the energy is moving. But still what has happened to those 50 other people. I am not talking about acquaintances here. Most of these people I consider my friends and so I am confused, puzzled. I decided to even send out emails to my financial planner, my attorney, my doctor to see how they would respond...Now I can understand if these people don't respond after all I really don't know them "personally", but the ones I do know personally, what is up with them? The mystery remains. Maybe in time I will figure it out or maybe I will never figure it out and I need to be OK with that!!

Ok I will keep moving along!! The truth is whether the people who have not responded ever respond, I love the training. I love the cause. I love that I said yes to participate, I love that I am able to participate,I love that I am walking with Cheryl and Jill and all these other people and I love that some of my friends are saying yes to supporting me financially!! And I love that Michael is cheering me on..telling me not to worry that I will make my financial goal and that I can do it. And I know that in the end and throughout this journey that this experience will probably be life changing!!

So thank you Life!!!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm All Geared Up!

Okay, okay, I'm done shopping!

I've got the new shoes, which are awesome. I've got a new pedometer, which Mike helped me calibrate perfectly. I've got the new fanny pack/water bottle carrier. And, a wide selection of pink water bottles! I think I'm all set; no excuses!

I played too much tennis yesterday, league in the morning and a clinic in the evening. It was so much fun, very exhausting, and I need a few days off!

Today, Jill and I walked 7 miles at Shawnee Mission Park, and... we did NOT get lost:-) It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day and the walk was awesome.

Tonight I worked on the flyer for our wine party/ fundraiser. Tomorrow I am meeting with Anita to get things rolling. Fingers crossed for a successful party!

Trying not to get discouraged about the slowing down of donations. I feel confident that everyone who promised their support will step up to the plate and will donate more than I can possibly imagine!

Okay, I am off to bed, after browsing the Avon website for cute tee shirts and hats!! I am hopeless...

Keep on truckin', guys-

Monday, March 12, 2012

New Shoes Have Made a New ME!

I spent an hour at Gary Gribble yesterday, trying on shoes. They are so awesome there. They watched me walk, listened to my whining and complaining, measured my feet, and brought out SHOES. They even brought out mostly pink shoes, because I told them about our walk! In the end, I chose some Brooks Ghost 4s. My heart wanted the New Balance shoes that have the little pink Hawaiian flowers on them, but my head (and feet!) prevailed and I think I made a good choice. I had a tennis lesson today and then walked 4 miles and had no foot pain at all. Life is good.

Fundraising is SLOW. I am just over $500. I need to get another $100 in the next week to meet my personal goal. Lots of promises; just waiting for people to follow through. I'm also working hard on our fundraising party. Please, oh please, let people come and spend money!!!!!!!! This is really hard.

Ju, like you, I find myself becoming more and more passionate about women's issues. I also question WHY women feel the way they do, and WHY women's rights are always up for negotiation? WHY do people feel they have to right to give or take away rights for some women? It's so frustrating. I feel like I'm just skimming the surface of what I can do to help.

I have to get some sleep. Lots of tennis tomorrow, and then a long walk on Wednesday. This is a huge commitment that is bringing lots of awareness to so many parts of my life.

(fingers crossed for donations!!!!!!!!)
Good night, ladies!
Love, love-

Second Week of Training, Fundraising and Women's needs!!!

Wow, Cheryl and Jill, congrats!! Nice walk. It must be fun to walk with each other. I have been doing most of my training alone. It is OK though. I guess for now. This week I stayed focused and did something every day. :)) I realize that it may not happen like that in the coming weeks and while I will keep it as my intention, I will be easy enough on myself to let what happens happen. Boy do I see that drive inside of me to do it right, to do what I am told, to do a good job!! Sometimes that momentum is a blessing, but sometimes it is quite exhausting and it ruins the "ah ha" moments!! So I am trying to do a little of both...the focus and the 'ah-ha".

I ran 4 miles and walked one yesterday!! I was having a bad day, so this was my way to come back to "center". I guess I could have sat and meditated :)), but this felt like I could make a shift. Exercise usually does that for me. And it did, somewhat!! ;)))

Cheryl and I have been talking about women's rights. And how just recently all the talk about denying clinics funding because they may perform abortions or that their organizations perform abortions is happening in our culture. It really is non of my business to make "blanket universal choices" on how one feels about abortion or not as this is such a polarized topic. I honor everyones opinion because we all make this choice based on so many factors that I could not begin to understand them all. I try to look to choices I make in my heart and yet I know I too am influenced by what I believe, where I live, how I feel my experiences. But to deny women blanket healthcare (mammography, cervical screening, contraception) is an atrocity and it seems like we are going back in time 40 years. It infuriates me!! And yet I find this to be a gift to wake me up!!

It is interesting that all that is in the news about this "women's health care rights " issue is happening at this time when I am so focused and committed to participating in a huge event for women, the Breast Cancer walk!! I know this is not coincidental, it is my heart calling me towards other hearts and waking us up to be aware!! Maybe I have been too quiet, too uninvolved, too "oh that is happening to them", and have a mentality like it is out there. But my heart has woken up. I am committed to do whatever I can to change our world and maybe it is in the area of women's rights, women's access to healthcare, job security and what women offer to the workplace. I am blessed to be able to have access to health care, but what about all women? Do they not have a right to healthcare just like any other person? And I have worked in corporate America and have been discriminated against because I was "too emotional and too much like a girl". Well I am a girl, and maybe the emotional part of me is where lies compassion, passion, kindness, empathy, understanding, creativity,energy, love, Is this not important to business or to make a difference in the world. What about qualities that are rewarded, the ones that feel more masculine, like drive, competition, ruthlessness, confidence, indifference/unattached, bold,....Have we not evolved to realize that the whole is necessary!! All the pieces parts are needed. So why do some people still want to create a backwards society and deny women their rights, their gifts, who they are. Why can we not embrace the whole!! I don't get this. So as I train today I will set out an intention for women everywhere; that we are seen, that we are healed, that we come together as one voice; to end Breast Cancer, to end suffering and discrimination, to end separation and to know that we are all here for each other!!

I apologize for all this energy this morning, but I am passionate about this topic. Let us ALL live together (women and men of all cultures, political differences, creeds, belief systems) and be nice to each other!!

OK off to my recovery walk!! And gratitude for the funds that are continuing to come in. Thank you thank you thank you!!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Okay.... just a little sore:-)

Today was another beautiful day. First, I mapped out yesterday's walk (as best I could, with the getting lost and all!) and it was almost 7 miles! We had a really busy day today, so I knew the only time I could walk was this morning. So, I dragged Mike out of the house and off we went! We chose a VERY hilly route and walked about 3.5 miles. My toes hurt a bit, as expected, but I didn't expect my quads to be so tight! I did some yoga stretches last night, hoping to stretch everything out, but my quads are still a bit sore.

Tomorrow it's supposed to rain, so I think I'll take a walking break. I am playing tennis at noon, so that will be my training for the day. After tennis I am going to visit Gary Gribble!!! (Judy, that is the running/ walking shoe store around here!)

Judy, I know what you mean about the whole asking for money thing, and how it causes you to reflect upon your own behavior. Just another way this experience will make us all more compassionate, I think?

Yesterday, I helped Jill get started sending out her emails. We tried to sign her into the blog so she could post, but for some reason, it wouldn't let her delete Jay's email address and enter mine. She is going to work on this.

I don't think I fully realized how much time this would take, either. Sometimes I wish I had signed up sooner, but most of the time I am glad that this schedule will only be for a few months. The walking takes a long time, like HOURS! I need to do a better job of planning my meals, so I'm not going into a walk, or coming out of one, super hungry. Lots to think about!

Okay, now I'm off to work on the flier for our fundraiser!
Send me good, creative wishes!

Day 4, 5, and 6 and donations!!!

Well have not written in a few days. Just toooooo busy!! I find it is alot of work to do this fund raising and the training. I feel I should send a personal note on each of my letters, because sending the letters brings all these people into my awareness and I realize that I have not checked in recently. So this fundraising is an opportunity, a gift for me to say "hello" and connect with those people who are friends, but don't see them often. So yet another gift!! And yea....I got some donations. I sent out so many letters and still will send more out. What I have observed as there are those people who give an instant "yes" and then there are those who I am not even sure they got my invitation to donate. Sometimes I wish I could at least get a "yes, will do this later" or a no thank you. At least I will know that my letter reached them. And yet another opportunity for me to see, do I do the same thing? When someone sends me an email with a request or just an email to say "hello", do I brush it off? hummmmm Maybe sometimes I need to just say ...busy, but I know you sent me something, will get back to you? I asked a friend about this and she said that I usually do that, but now I will be more vigilant. Does the email actually require a response? OR is it just information? I will be more aware...but anyway, the people who have said yes...I say "thank you thank you thank you"...and to those who will donate, please do soon.......I always do the gratitude dance when I get a donation!! It is so much fun!!

OK training!! The days have been gorgeous here so I have been walking and running outside!! So beautiful!! I think in the last few days, I have run 5 miles and walked over 5, rode the bike, did yoga and this and that. So I think I am on target for training!!

Loving this process..the entire part of it, the connections with Cheryl and Jill, the connections with my friends when I tell them what I am up to for the Breast WAlk, the gratitude dances!!, the training ,the beautiful weather ,and the heart opening experiences I am having when I think about how lucky I am to do this!!

Until next time, in peace and love,

Friday, March 9, 2012

Beautiful walk!

Today was glorious and nearly perfect! After a sort of stressful morning of work, I met Jill at a park and we started walking. Walking with someone is so much more fun than walking alone! In our typical fashion, we got talking and... got sort of lost! Not too lost, just a few wrong turns, a few backtracks, a few... "where are we? what road is that?" But, we laughed and kept walking and ended up back at our cars after walking for 1 hour and 45 minutes. We figured 6 to 7 miles! Felt so good.

Can't wait to get some walking shoes. I think my running shoes just aren't right for walking. I found a couple of pedometers in the house, but they measure number of steps, not miles. Need a good pedometer, too.

Judy: I'm sorry your yoga class wasn't all you'd hoped. Whenever I travel, I always take a beginner yoga class. This reminds me to slow down, gives me time to explore the poses a little bit. What if I bend a little more here or there? What if I add a twist? I try to really stay in my body, and listen. It reminds me that yoga isn't about "no pain, no gain." I know it's hard when you are expecting one thing and get another. I just try to take the opportunity to slow down:-))

I did get a $100 donation yesterday, which was awesome, but I'm a little impatient. Several people have told me that they are going to donate, so now I think it's time for the reminder emails. Feels weird, but I'm trying to think about what to say.

I feel really excited and overwhelmed about planning our wine fundraiser. I am so, so grateful that Anita is helping. She is very focused and dedicated and she is asking HER friends to help, too. Amazing. I have decided that I am also going to make my next yoga session a fundraiser. I will donate all the money I make. I hope my students will throw in a little bit extra!

This has really changed my outlook on things. I don't think I'll ignore requests from my friends so easily in the future, now that I know what it feels like to ask people for money! Really, they are ALL for good causes, for helping to find cures for diseases that touch all of us.

Mike is going to walk with me this weekend. He just doesn't know it yet!!

Love you guys!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 3-Cross Training and my first DONATION

Well I must say my cross training day did not feel like training at all. My regular yoga teacher was out helping with the delivery of a baby. She is a Doula. And I just love her. She gives a very good class and when you are done, you know that you id something. The sub was so slow and all the poses were so boring and EASY!! And I watched myself want to leave, watched myself not be in a yoga place at all as I was getting angry, and wondering if I should have come at all because after all this is supposed to be TRAINING!! But then it hit me, where was my patience, where was my compassion, where was how I would want anyone to treat me had I walked into a yoga class with 40 people who LOVE their instructor. And then I just rested and smiled! Because I want the same type of patience, compassion, and the treatment for myself!! Especially with myself as I send out my fund raising letters and had not gotten a donation at all!! This is not that easy. I worked so hard to craft personal letters to close friends and family and NOTHING!!!

And then it happened, my first donation...Yippeee...$ 100.00 from a friend of mine. I could have kissed her!! She gave me confidence, she showed me that patience does pay off. So now I hope that is the first of many more. I have more letters to send out, but I wanted to do the ones that I thought were know close friends and family!! But maybe the others will be more productive than the "easy ones".

OK until tomorrow!!


Getting the ball rolling!

Well, first, I won at tennis tonight! Yippee! I needed a victory after the spanking I took yesterday.

I was trying to organize a tennis fundraiser, but Midtown just wouldn't let me do it. I talked to Molly for a long time about it. She was really nice, but just couldn't find a way to make it work. So disappointing.

But then, my friend Anita said we can have the wine party/fundraiser at her house and she will help! Anita is really good at party planning stuff, and she knows people who know people, so I am hopeful again. We met tonight after tennis to start working on the details. I talked to a few people at tennis tonight and everyone said they would support me, so I guess we'll see.

In all honesty, I am just so impatient. I can't tell you how many people have told me that they got me email and will donate, but... when? I know, everyone does things in their own time, but I get so stressed out worrying about the fundraising part. Maybe I just need to relax......

Off for a glass of wine now:-))

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Almost Blown Away on Day 2!

I started out the day playing tennis with Anita. We got beaten. Badly. Somehow, it didn't really matter. I came home and changed my shoes and went out for my walk. In retrospect, it might be a good idea to take a little rest between tennis and walking. I thought 3 miles would be a piece of cake... I do that all the time, right? So, I focused on being BRISK.

The wind seriously almost blew me over. It was SO HARD to walk into the wind! I kept thinking about some sort of metaphor between fighting breast cancer and fighting the wind. Not sure if I ever really found one:-)

I kept forgetting about being brisk and had to remind myself to pick up the pace! And... I got tired. I did! I'm supposing it was walking right after an hour and a half of tennis? Next week, I will take a little break.

My pace wasn't very fast; I need to work on that. It's sort of lonely, walking alone... I will definitely need some company on the longer walks. Hope Mike is up for it, if Jill is busy:-)

My feet kind of hurt. Again, not sure if it's because of the tennis, or if I just need different shoes. I'm getting new shoes! I'm also browsing those sports watches!

I went to a lecture tonight about gluten. Gosh, I feel like NOBODY needs to be eating wheat. Must remember to plan GF foods for my walk.

Love you guys!!

Day 2 of Training-And an experience of connection!!

Just finished my training. Was to have been 3 mile walk, but I decided to run 3 miles and walk 1. Why? I have no idea. I think I am just excited and trying to incorporate my typical exercise routine and the Avon Walk Training program into a schedule that works for me. So since I run a couple to a few times a week, I decided to do a bit of both. I know in time it will all sort out and I will be in a groove and pace myself. I am sure this will especially happen when I have to put in 18-20 mile walks for training. We shall see!!

But the coolest thing happened when I was running today. Once again on the treadmill instead of outside because it is "snowing" here. Yep! No spring has sprung for us!! I knew that something was up yesterday when the cows were lying down! Someone told me that cows lay down when it is going to rain? I don't know if they were pulling my leg, but I must report that on my way home from the Y yesterday after doing my training walk, the cows were indeed lying down. :)) So here we are today..with snow! I guess the cows don't know the difference between rain and snow...only that maybe they know there is moisture in the air! So that is my theory that the cows feel the moisture regardless of whether it is liquid or solid form!! Soooooo I could not run/walk outside, so I went to the Y. We have a great YMCA here!

So back to the coolest thing that happened to me today. I got to the Y, chose a tread mill that I don't usually get on because my usual treadmill was occupied because many other people were inside exercising because of the weather. This one had a TV Screen on the tread mill itself and I plugged in my I-pod to listen to music. But decided that I could watch a show right there on the tread mill with my ear phones and forgo the music today. I usually always listen to music, but today I decided to try something different. I am not a big TV person. But here I was watching some show about the Old Christine and right there on the screen of my tread mill during the commercial break it happened!! What flashed on the screen was an advertisement for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk!!! Yep. I could not believe it, but then really I can. I love when stuff like this happens! Here I am training for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk walking on a random treadmill watching a show I never saw before on a TV screen on my treadmill at the YMCA because it was snowing in March in Ashland, OR and what am I advertisement and an invitation to WALK in the AVON BREAST CANCER WALK!!! We are ALL SO CONNECTED!! This was a moment of Grace for me, a moment when Love was showing me once again that we are all CONNECTED and that our guides, angels, Love, God, whoever you want to name this amazing presence in our lives wants us to know this beyond a doubt!! I believe we are operating as one heart and everything we do affects each of us and if we pay attention we can and do make a difference in our world!! Cool! 9 cities, thousands of people training today on this training schedule to walk 39.3 miles, thousands of donors giving financial support because we made this commitment and ALL sharing one mission: To prevent and support those with Breast Cancer and TO END Breast Cancer!! Wow..I just had to smile when I saw this commerical as I ran/walked this morning. I get it!! I REALLY do!! Gratitude, gratitude, and more gratitude!!

It is a good day! It is a very good day!!

In Peace,

Judy's Day One

OK so I am just learning how to use a blog!!! I posted this in comments, but now know to where to actually "post". So here you have a post and as a comment.

Day One: Yes, today is the first OFFICIAL day of our training. I am so excited and really grateful that we can do this!! When I first read about this walk in my Yoga Journal, I immediately knew it was a "YES". I have always believed in the work that is being done by so many organizations to support the fight against Breast Cancer. But it always seemed out there, support and work being done by them, with or without me. But this walk was an opportunity to participate, to bind and connect with women of all ages, all walks of life and all cultures, creeds, and belief systems. This was an opportunity to UNITE and walk as one team, one heart, with one be together, to show support and to raise money for this heart breaking disease! We CAN make a difference.

I lost a dear friend who was 37 years old to breast cancer. She left behind 3 small children, a wonderful husband, and dear friends and family. But being with her and watching her on this journey to battle breast cancer, she inspired me with the pure grace and courage that she exhibited in her battle. So I do this for Donna and for all persons battling this disease.

So here I was today, doing my first 15 minute recovery walk. I did it at the YMCA on the tread mill because the weather was a bit unpredictable today. But regardless of where I did it, I embraced my partners...Cheryl and Jill and knew that we were all getting ready to embark on something huge, something grand, something that would change our lives and hopefully by our efforts change others! So for every person who is affected by breast cancer in some way, we do this for YOU!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Training- Day 1

I was very excited about the first OFFICIAL day of training. It was only a 15 minute "recovery walk," and to be honest, I was really busy and almost skipped it! Almost. But I realized, it's not about the 15 minute walk. It's about taking the first step on this journey. It's about commitment. It's about honoring myself enough to take the time I need to train properly... ALL the time I need.

The weather was sunny, but the wind was biting cold. I was glad I wore my headband over my ears! I thought about my commitment to walk in any weather, and about possibly walking in the rain or snow. I felt strong and proud and excited. Most of all, I felt connected. Connected to Judy and Jill, who I knew were starting training today, too. And connected to women, everywhere, whose lives are affected by breast cancer. If not the women themselves, their mothers, sisters, cousins, friends, neighbors, co-workers. We are all in this together.