Saturday, March 31, 2012

Reminder time!

It is definitely time for the reminder letters!! I think I will send mine out this week, along with an invitation to the fundraiser wine party. I am a little over halfway there, but no recent activity. I hope the reminders, the party, and the proceeds from my yoga class will get me to $1800!

Very exciting news for Jill: she got a $500 donation from her hair salon! Way to go!

As for training, I need a long walk. I played tennis twice on Tuesday, then nothing on Wednesday, because I worked the booth at a medical manager's association meeting. On my feet, in heels, for 11 hours! That should count for something!! Walked 5 miles by myself on Thursday. Yesterday (Friday), I walked 6 miles with my friend Laurie. She had some time restraints, so we really picked up the pace and walked it in 1 hour and 28 minutes. This is a best time for me, and I felt it today: sore! Jill is out of town this weekend so I am on my own. We are just totally busy today. I am playing tennis at noon tomorrow. Tomorrow is supposed to be HOT and HUMID. I guess I'll try to get up early and walk. Try. It's hard to get motivated to walk alone, especially for more than 5 miles or so!

If not, I will have to walk a LOT next week!!
Staying positive!
Love, love, love-

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  1. Cheryl, You guys are so Lucky. I am always walking alone!! And yes to walk more than 5 miles alone is tough!!! But that is all I have right now. I try to walk where other people are walking or walk in town so at least I feel conneced!!